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Parent Villages, Inc. was founded in February 2018 after learning of 2017 data which confirmed 7% of Springfield children were unprepared for kindergarten, grades 1-12 continued to struggle academically, and all students faced an opportunity gap.


Reviews of data also showed direct connections between high family engagement and positive school climate which produced students with higher academic proficiency and attendance rates, which ultimately decreased the number of school dropouts. Lastly, data linked student attendance and completion rates to unemployment and various public health crises (violence, drug abuse, and bad health).

From 2018-19, Parent Villages gathered and supported hundreds of families throughout Springfield. Parent Villages provided workshops and meet-ups on topics such as health, financial literacy and self-sufficiency, and employment. The organization watched our meeting attendance and requests for workshops and resources increase.

In 2020-21, the needs of the Springfield families and community drastically increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parent Villages doubled the number of meet-ups and events to address the growing needs of face masks, school supplies, childcare, toys, food, and electronic devices.

Parent Villages is known for a convener building bridges between parents, youth, advocates, community leaders, and educators to close the opportunity gap and improve the quality of education for ALL students because it, “Still Takes a Village!”

For more information about Parent Villages, visit: www.PARENTVILLAGES.org.